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Pray for Manipur, India: Uniting for Healing and Hope

With brother from Manipur
Preacher, victimized preacher flee from Manipur persecutions and reached us.

In the serene landscapes of Manipur, India, a state known for its natural beauty and cultural richness, a heart-wrenching crisis has cast a shadow over its tranquility. The recent persecutions targeting the Kuki and Naga communities, primarily comprising Christians, have left a trail of devastation that goes beyond material destruction. As believers in the power of unity, empathy, and prayer, stands in solidarity with these communities, urging congregations worldwide to come together in a spirit of compassion and support.

A Dark Chapter: Unmasking the Tragedy

In a series of unfathomable events, Manipur witnessed a disturbing wave of violence that tore through the Kuki and Naga communities. Over 550 church buildings were burnt to ashes, 2850 houses were destroyed, and the communities were subjected to looting, damage, and the loss of their loved ones. The toll this crisis has taken is immeasurable, with 260 lives lost and countless families displaced and traumatized.

A Call to Prayer and Unity

In times of despair, the power of prayer becomes a beacon of hope. The Kuki and Naga communities, resilient in their faith, turn to the world for support, understanding, and above all, prayers for healing. As believers, we understand the potency of collective prayer – it has the potential to mend wounds, restore faith, and usher in a sense of peace that transcends circumstances.

Extending Our Hand: Ways to Support

The road to recovery may be long, but it is not one that these communities need to tread alone. urges individuals, congregations, and communities to extend their support in two vital ways:

1. Prayer: Let us dedicate moments of silence and contemplation to lift up the Kuki and Naga communities in prayer. May our collective intentions resonate with healing, comfort, and strength. As we unite our hearts and minds, we can amplify the positive energy needed for these communities to rebuild and restore their lives.

2. Financial Support: Tangible support is also essential to help these communities regain their footing. To make a difference, we encourage you to consider making donations to the Great Smoky Mountains Church of Christ, which has graciously opened its doors to channel aid to Manipur. Your contributions will directly impact the lives of those affected, aiding in rebuilding efforts, medical assistance, and emotional rehabilitation.

How to Contribute

If you wish to contribute to the healing of Manipur's communities, here are the details to guide you:

- Donations: Donations can be sent to:

Great Smoky Mountains Church of Christ

3078 Veterans Blvd, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, USA

Contact: Bro. Mark Haynes, Elder

- India Contact: For inquiries and support within India, you can reach out to:

Bro. Raja Vijaya Kumar V, Evangelist <>

Lighting the Path to Healing

In times of darkness, it is our duty as humans to be the bearers of light and hope. As we unite our hearts, prayers, and support for the Kuki and Naga communities of Manipur, let us remember that compassion knows no boundaries. Together, we can be a source of solace, a catalyst for change, and a testament to the strength of unity in the face of adversity. Let us sow the seeds of healing today, so that tomorrow, Manipur can flourish once again.

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