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Restart of the Gospel Work after Covid Pandemic!

In the year of 2021 our Lord is leading us more and more into the people to evangelize and teach them the good things from Bible. After the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown situations, we are coming out and picking up the halted activates during the pandemic.

Our idea to Re-start the halted Gospel work is to start from the roots; i.e. our streets, these are in the neighborhoods and are source points of the great listeners. By conducting Bi-monthly Street Meetings on Thursdays in different streets, we are connecting the people with Word of God and motivating them towards the Truth and ultimately to the church gatherings. This is giving good results. So far we have conducted 4 of such meetings from February to March.

Many people are filling up with worldliness. And converting that person has become tough in this generation. We need to put extra efforts to win a soul for Christ and His Kingdom. So please remember us in your thoughts and prayers. We need your encouragement and support. Kindly consider to be part of strengthening the Lord's work we do in Rajahmundry, India.

Yours In Him,


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